fancy mobiles & responsible consumption of natural resources

Last night i was skyping with my friend Pine and just by chance we happened to talk about fancy mobiles, pros and cons, applications and a couple of other things. She said… i do not know if I would ever by one of those fancy mobiles but some of their apps are amazing. I agree with her with the only little difference that i already have a fancy mobile! So i have decided to write a brief post about a nice app that consumers can use, and should use, when choosing seafood at the restaurant or  at the fish market to have great meals but also to contribute saving our oceans and reduce pressure on fish stocks.

The app i’m talking about is called “Seafood Watch App” and, with a mobile internet connection it gives you up-to-date recommendations for ocean-friendly seafood. The app, developed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium (CA, USA) is available for iPhone and Android phones and can be downloaded totally free of charge from the Android Market store and iPhone App store. if you do not have one of those mobiles or, like in my case, the app has not yet been developed for your OS, you can always read the same recommendations at the Monterey Bay Aquarium website.

Maybe you can also check this short video from the Shifting Baselines website.



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