local fruit & vegetable market

No field work at sea today because of the Scirocco wind here in the Strait of Messina. So i decided to go visit the local fruit and vegetables street market here in Reggio Calabria. Here, local farmers and peasants from surrounding villages bring they’re few home made tomato sauce, pickles, marmalade and mostly products grown in their fields and gardens. There is a great variety of both fruit and vegetables. Some of them do not look really nice, maybe with some little worm holes, but this is just because they do not have any chemical or pesticides.

So after an nice “Brioche con gelato” (mandorla and pistacchio) and a coffee for breakfast, i went to the market and got 2 zucchini, 3 egg-plant, 1 kg of tomatoes, 1 kg of fresh fava bean, 1 kg of green peas and 1 tray of red sweet juicy strawberries (about 300 g). The “cashier” was a little quite old woman, sitting on one of those crates used for the fruit, all dressed in black, with the face totally covered by deep wrinkles. In a broken, poor italian, she just said, to my big surprise, “4 euro 35”. I asked again, sure she had forgotten something, but she repeated “4 euros 35”.


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