neutrinos, mariastella and the amazing tunnel

By now it is not a new anymore that the neutrinos seems to be faster than light. In fact, according to several websites (e.g.: this), researchers from CERN released results that suggest neutrinos, the lightest particles we’re aware of, may be moving slightly faster than the speed of light (here it is the official paper and here a ppt of the official presentation). A similar experiment was performed years ago by the Fermilab’s MINOS experiment; this experiment measured a faster-than-light value of the neutrino speed but the authors of the research said that “the errors were so big we dismissed it.” (here the official paper).

Interestingly, this new also reached the hears of our (Italians) Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, Mariastella Gelmini (see a photo here).

Our dear Ministry of Education, Universities and Research proud of the amazing discovery and, above all, aware and conscious of its amazing and deep meaning, wanted to highlight the role of Italy and its Government to the discovery. So, she declared that the Italian Government had contributed, with about 45 millions of euros, to building a tunnel between the Gran Sasso laboratory and CERN in Switzerland, almost 750 km long!!

So now, after this amazing and impressive infrastructure (thank God and Berlusconi), building the bridge on the Strait of Messina will be just like smoking a cigarette!

Non c’è limite all’indecenza!!


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