Tethys Research Institute field research cruises

Founded in 1986, the Tethys Research Institute is a private non-profit organization specializing in cetacean research. Tethys has generated one of the largest data-sets on Mediterranean cetaceans and contributed over 300 scientific publications.

Since 1990 Tethys has been organizing whale and dolphin field courses dedicated to those who are willing to contribute to research and conservation campaigns. These courses represent a unique opportunity of observing marine mammals in their natural environment and discover the fascinating world of cetacean research. Participants of all nationalities are involved in activities conducted in the field including whale and dolphin sightings, data collection at sea with advanced methodologies and informal lectures by the Tethys staff.

You can join and participate to the Tethys field cruises in the Ligurian Sea , NW Mediterranean, and contribute to the conservation of whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea. Have a look at the Tethys expeditions web page and please help disseminating the information!

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