cetaceans mass stranding in Peru

Several hundreds of dolphins, belonging to two species the long-beaked common dolphin and Burmeister’s porpoises are washing ashore along the coast of Peru since early February 2012. Down there, as Dr. Carlos Yaipen-LLanos, President  & Science Director of ORCA Peru reports, the situation is worse than imaginable. Still some uncertainties remain due to the big differences in numbers as reported by Dr. Yaipen-LLanos and early media reports.  A detailed account of the stranding can be found here.

Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos examines dead dolphin calf. (C) ORCA Peru.

A video depicting the current situation in Peru can be found @Vimeo. The producers of the video drove about 135 km of coast and counted 615 corpses!



5 thoughts on “cetaceans mass stranding in Peru

  1. Wendy Cyriacks says:

    I was in northern Peru last week and on April 26th we were walking along the beach in Congrejos
    and we came upon six dead pelicans one of which died in front of us. In addition one recently dead sea lion was observed and a second sea lion that had come to shore (to die?), when we approach he went into the surf but was staying in the surf (waiting for us to leave?). Also there were numerous sand dollars washed up on the beach. Also there were a couple of pelicans that died on the beach in Yacila.

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