back on fishery

Following my earlier posts “Infringement procedures against Italy’s illegal driftnetting“, “the footprint of fishing expansion” and “when crime pays“, this post will be again talking about fishery and overfishing (i.e.: excessive exploitation of marine resources), and the so far sadly famous issue of driftnets.


Illegal driftnets in the Mediterranean Sea form a major hazard to dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks and fish. The use of driftnets has been banned by the United Nations for over 20 years, yet an estimated 500 vessels from Morocco, France, Italy, Turkey, Algeria and Tunisia continue to use them, killing an estimated 10.000 whales and dolphins every year, as well as thousands of endangered sharks, sea turtles and fish.

In Italy fishermen took nearly € 200 million worth of EU subsidies over the last decade to dismantle their illegal driftnet fleet. Instead some fishermen used the money to buy bigger nets, while others sold their nets to Morocco, where their illegal use continues to this day. Read more about the destruction caused by illegal driftnets and what The Black Fish is doing about it:


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