more than a half marathon just by….. mistake!

I decided to go for a run. It wasn’t cold. It wasn’t raining. Sounded like a good day for a run! So i was planning routes and places to go. I ended up with a barely 10 miles run through the hills of Wiltshire. Running shoes on. Some raisins in the pocket to fuel the run. I was quite happy. I had studied the path and was sure to know where to go. Pine says “look, you can’t be wrong, there are mostly left turn”, and she was right of course.After about 1 hour of running i took a left turn… but it was the wrong street crossing. At some point i found my self in the middle of nowhere with no idea at all where to go. I finally managed to reach home after running for 21.3 kilometers! More than a half marathon! Holy crap now i am knackered but it feels good (sort of)!



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