About Me


I was born something like 30 years ago and spent the first decade of my life in a tiny small village, more or less 1000 inhabitants, on the Italian Central Appennini between the Abruzzi and Molise regions. As a child I’ve always been curious, inquisitive and in love with nature; all kind of animals (except bats, do not really like touching them), threes, plants… As an hyper-active child I had so much fun climbing threes, chasing birds, butterflies, lizards, grasshoppers, and all the sort of animals that a child could encounter on his way while running and hiding around. But not to hurt them. Just to observe them.

My arrival on planet Earth was announced by one of the most terrifying earthquakes that Italy can remember, the one of Irpinia. The day I was sent home from the hospital an amazing snow storm came along. After 24 hours of non stop snowing, the ground floor of the house was totally buried. Now, looking back at my childhood, i can only say that it was just a warning alert to my mom: “an earthquake is coming into your life”.

It will be to difficult here to make a list of all the crazy things I did as i child, but my mom says that if she has white hair, and she does (ahahah, sorry mom!), it is because of me… ahah..

When I was about 10 years old my family moved to the sea side, and they still leave there, at least my parents. I have two lovely sisters, a younger and a older one, an amazingly beautiful little niece, Alice.

Because of university/studying/working/family I lived in different cities of Italy. I spent almost 10 years in Venice and briefly lived in Padova, Milano, Firenze, Pavia, Verona, Vicenza, San Diego (CA, USA) and Cambridge (MA,USA). My work makes me traveling often and I have been in several Mediterranean countries. From July 2010 to October 2011  I have been living between Sicily and Calabria, working in the Strait of Messina. At present, I am living in Chippenham UK with my amazing wife and our cute little baby girl Quinn Lilly.


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